Dean Peterson stands six-feet-tall, weighs 250 pounds and delivers the mail -- in a kilt.

And if Dean has his way, more postal carriers will be showing a big more leg.

So, Mr. Mailman, is that a package or are you just glad to see me?

"In one word, it's comfort," he told the Associated Press. "It's the difference between wearing jammies to bed and wearing your work clothes to bed."

Peterson said he doesn't like to wear pants because they cause chafing and scarring. So he dons his kilt just about everyday --- even attending his son's football games in the skirt.

Hey -- the guy's 250 pounds. Do you want to be the want to ask him about he's wearing a dress?

Peterson took his petition to the National Letter Carriers' Association. They were not that keen on the kilt. However, Peterson is undeterred, vowing to bring up the idea at next year's union meeting.