Well, get ready to kiss your McNuggets goodbye. The Los Angeles City Council is about to crack down on fast food restaurants. It's a whopper of a story.

The Associated Press is reporting that today is the day lawmakers will consider a one year ban on new fast food joints in south LA. The city's new food police are worried that folks who live in that part of town aren't eating the proper foods. They hope the ban will attract new eateries that sell healthy munchies.

Friends, the last time I checked, McDonalds was not force-feeding Big Macs to their customers. If people want to clog their arteries with bacon double-cheeseburgers, more power to them. Our tacos, cheeseburgers, and Chick-Fil-A sandwiches are wrapped in the Constitution.

Let us rally around our countrymen and proclaim, "Don't Tread on My Burger," "Eat Fries or Die," "I Have Not Yet Begun to Eat."