Later today, I'll be posting by behind-the-scenes ruminations about Comic-Con. The folks here in San Diego are totally pumped up over this year's convention. For the first time in history, Comic-Con is sold out!

More than 125,000 comic book fans, movie buffs, sci-fi geeks and gamers are expected in town. Just about every hotel room has been snatched up and parking will cost $50 a day.
I arrived in San Diego yesterday and got a brief tour of the convention center -- where they have construction teams putting together exhibits and getting ready for the mass of humanity that will arrive later today.

I'm also looking forward to some good barbecue -- and that brings me to a very shocking revelation. My first stop once I got off the airplane was to Kansas City Barbecue. It was made famous in Top Gun -- the restaurant was used in the sleazy bar scene where Tom Cruise flirts with Kelly what's-her-name. But the restaurant has the best barbecue in southern California.

I paid the driver, grabbed my luggage and licked my lips --- ready to dive into some ribs. Imagine my horror when I discovered the barbecue joint had burned down! Completely gutted.
You can find out what happened by clicking here.
The good news is Kansas City Barbecue is rebuilding and they will soon be serving up plates of the 'cue. Pray for them, y'all.