My good friend Robyn Walensky at our Fox affiliate in New Orleans, WRNO, alerted me to an unbelievable involving the city police department.

After 35 years on the beat, Sgt. Robert Guidry decided to retire from the New Orleans Police Dept. On his last day on the job, he showed up wearing a light blue uniform shirt to salute 18 fellow officers who died in the line of duty.

It turns out -- according to the Associated Press -- Sgt. Guidry was in violation of the department's dress code because the blue shirts had been phased out in favor of black uniforms. So on his last day of a stellar career, the New Orleans Police Dept. suspended Sgt. Guidry. During his final 15 minutes on the job, he was informed that an interal investigation would be launched and disciplinary action would be taken.

All for wearing a shirt?

You can listen to Walensky's exclusive interview with Sgt. Guidry by clicking here.