I arrived in Unity, New Hampshire this morning. There's not a Waffle House here. There's not a Cracker Barrel either -- Just lots of trees, moose, and something called a fisher cat.

And today -- there are lots of Democrats. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will be meeting here later today --- their first joint campaign appearance since Hillary bowed out of the race.

And they could not have picked a more remote part of New Hampshire. It took me two hours to make the trek up to these parts. My directions took me past President Franklin Pierce's birthplace, down a dirt road and into a field.

Yes --- we are in a field --- praying it doesn't rain. Otherwise, the radio guys will be the first to get nailed by the lightning. The sun is so bright many reporters are actually sitting underneath the tables.

There are no restaurants in Unity --- so the Kiwanis Club pulled out some grills and they are serving up burgers and hot dogs. And there apparently are no restrooms in Unity. Thank goodness there are lots of trees here.