The main toilet on the International Space Station is stopped up and Rotor Rooter doesn't make house calls in zero gravity.

You can read the story by clicking here. I certainly don't want to cast blame -- but --- the problematic plumbing was installed by the Russians.

"The Zvezda service module toilet experienced additional difficulties Tuesday morning," said NASA. That's space talk for the astronauts being in deep doo-doo.

It's apparently so delicate, the astronauts have been forced to use the loo on their escape pod.

I sympathize with the space guys. During my campaign travels, I was booked on two Delta jetliners that had malfunctioning toilets. It was akin to riding in a portable potty with wings. At one point I suggested the flight attendant might want to deploy the emergency oxygen masks. Instead, she pulled out a bottle of Febreeze.

NASA says help is on the way. The space shuttle Discovery will bring spare parts to fix the toilet. In the meantime, the astronauts are having to improvise. I'd recommend rolling down a window.

The space agency won't go into details about the urinary improv -- but I've gotta say the Constellation Urine sure looked lovely last night.