Drake University's Sean McGuire has learned a very important life lesson --- two actually. First, it's not nice to urinate in the back of a squad car and second --- it's never a good idea to throw M&M's at a police officer.

The Iowa college student was tossed in the slammer the other day, charged with assaulting a cop with the candy that melts in your mouth --- not in your hands.

Police say the candy caper is nothing to snicker about and the 20 year old is facing mounds of trouble. The officer was about to arrest Sean's friend when he launched a barrage of milk chocolate candies. One struck the cop on his left shoulder.

According to the incident report, the officer did not require medical attention. I suppose it's a good thing he was wearing that bullet proof vest.

The police would not confirm whether the projectile was peanut or plain.

Lest you think otherwise, this was not a case of Sean having butterfingers. He told the officers he did it on purpose.

He was hauled off to jail and subsequently peed in the back of the patrol car.

At least he didn't leave behind a Babe Ruth.