Crystal Dixon read a story last month in the Toledo Blade that prompted her to pen a letter to the editor. She said she had a problem comparing homosexuals to civil rights victims.

Ms. Dixon, who is an African-American, disagreed with the writer's thesis and said so in her letter. She is also a minister and closed her correspondence with two passages from the Bible.

Ms. Dixon is also an associate vice president of human resources at the University of Toledo --- a university operating on tax payer dollars. It seems the president of UT had a problem with her letter. She was immediately placed on leave and the president wrote his own letter to the newspaper.

President Lloyd Jacobs repudiated her comments and said they "do not accord with the values of the University of Toledo."

The university confirmed she was placed on leave because of the letter she wrote.

Now --- Ms. Dixon is no longer employed at the school. Whether she was fired or resigned is not clear. But what is clear is this --- she dared to write a letter and voice her own opinion about homosexuality --- and paid a costly price.

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