Some lawmakers in California want to criminalize your right to discipline your children. Assemblywoman Sally Lieber is a Democrat and she wants to make it illegal to spank any child under the age of three. Any parent who violates the law could spend up to a year in jail -- and get this -- could lose custody of their children.

Assembly Bill 2943 defines spanking as the use of switches, paddles, belts, sticks, shoes, rods, switches, electrical cords or brooms. If the bill is passed and signed by Governor Schwarzenegger, it will effectively give the government control over how you disicipline your kids.

Ms. Lieber introduced a similar bill last year. The new version is being debated in Sacramento right now. She believes that spanking is child abuse.

Randy Thomasson is president of the Campaign For Children and Families. He said the state capital has been buried under an avalanche of emails. He sent me a note the other day:

"Good parents will be arrested, handcuffed, and charged with criminal child abuse if AB 2943 becomes law in California. This is wrong. Innocent parents who lovingly and infrequently spank their children to correct misbehavior are not criminals. But they would be under AB 2943."

What do you think?