I'm blogging today from Evansville, Indiana --- where they do not have grizzly bears. I don't mean to be unsympathetic, but I'm just not getting this latest bear attack story from California.

To bring up to speed --- an animal trainer in Big Bear Lake was killed by a celebrity grizzly bear the other day. The owner of Predators in Action called the bear a loving, affectionate, friendly, safe bear.

Randy Miller told the Associated Press he was at a loss to explain how a routine training day turned tragic.

Well, let me take a stab --- the bear was hungry.

The basic rule of thumb --- don't tug on superman's cape and don't wrestle with a grizzly bear.

And by the way --- has anyone noticed that PETA hasn't issued a press release condemning the bear? Anyone a human eats a piece of steak -- they go nuts. But when a bear tries to eat a human --- nothing.

Sadly for the animal training center -- they got what they advertised. The Predators in Action saw a predator in action. Sad indeed.