Several dozen very vocal anti-Catholic demonstrators showed up -- most notably -- the Westboro Baptist Church. You might recall them as the "church" that speaks out about homosexuality and protests at the funerals of our brave fighting men and women.

Well, it seems they've got a beef with the Catholic church, too. And you won't believe this -- one of the Westboro posse was dragging an American flag through the dirt and kicking it with his feet. Others hollered and held signs much too vulgar to publish on this blog.
And there were other groups, too. They all claimed to be from religious churches and they clearly do not like the pope. It got pretty rowdy as they used microphones and bullhorns to blast their message of hate to hundreds gathered to watch the pope on a jumbo screen.
The Catholics, to their credit, refused to take the bait. Instead, the police were called. After a brief come-to-Jesus moment, the fundamentalists were hushed up. You know, I bet those boys would have really been hollering if a flock of nuns armed with rulers showed up.
Sweet mercy! Can't folks just worship in peace?