Hey guys! It's going to be a spectacularly crazy week here at Fox News Radio. I'm extremely excited about our coverage of Pope Benedict and his first papal visit to the United States. I'll be a part of our team coverage.

I'm off Tuesday morning on the Delta shuttle to Washington, D.C. I'll be working out of our D.C. bureau covering the pope's arrival.

I'll also be answering lots of questions we all want to know about the pope --- does he eat barbecue? Does he have a favorite American Idol? And what's up with those red shoes?

Later in the week, I'll be at Catholic University where the pope will deliver a very important message to Catholic educators. I'm sure Notre Dame's recent performance of the Vagina Monologues didn't set well with the Vatican.

On Thursday, I'll be at Nationals Stadium for the first of two outdoor masses. Then, I'll make a mad dash back to the airport to be in place for our New York coverage of the pope. I'll be updating the blog daily with photos and stories.

And be sure to check out Fox News Channel's extensive coverage. They've done an outstanding job