Friend the Emu is a nurturer. The Puyallup, Washington emu has been a widower ever since his better half was eaten by a cougar. That must have been a tough way to go.

Anyway, Friend the Emu lost his mate eight years ago -- and that's a long time in emu years. So it should come as no surprise that Friend has found himself a new --- well --- friend.

The emu has taken a liking to what he thinks is an egg. There's just one problem, though. The "egg" is a deflated, green ball.

For those of you unfamiliar with the ways of the emu, it's the female bird's job to lay the egg -- and it's the man's job to sit on the egg. Aren't you glad you aren't an emu?

Friend's owner, Rebecca Akehurst, had to break the bad news the other day. The emu seemed to take it pretty well. Miss Akehurst said she's probably going to try and find him a new friend -- a lady friend.

Friend's predicament reminded me of a cat my family had when I was a little boy. "Cuddles" was an unusually furry and affectionate feline. He would cuddle up to man or beast -- without giving it a second thought.

One day my mom walked out to the barn and discovered Cuddles had taken up residence on a nest of chicken eggs -- much to the chagrin of a mother hen. Over time, though, a sort of inter-species relationship developed between the chicken and the cat. It may have seemed unusual by society's standards, but who are we to question true love?

A few weeks later Cuddles met an untimely demise--- he tried to get friendly with a rattlesnake.

I sure do miss that cat.