A Swedish vodka company has left some Americans feeling shaken and stirred.

The Absolut vodka company created an advertising campaign under the slogan, "In An Absolut World." It showed an old map of the United States when Mexico included a number of southwestern states --- including Texas and California.

As you might imagine, the ad campaign has stirred up a hornet's nest along the border and lots of folks are calling for an outright boycott of Absolut products. Since I don't partake of that particular fermentation --- to each his own.

Absolut has offered an apology, saying the ad was meant for a Mexican audience. No kidding.

For you kids attending public school -- here's a bit of American history: In 1848, our country whipped the living daylights out of the Mexicans. It was a dust-up we like to call the Mexican-American War. Thanks to our fighting men the United States added most of the southwest -- land that would eventually be divided into states that now make up a good chunk of the Continental 48.

And as you might imagine, there are still some folks south of the border who bristle at their resounding defeat.

Of course, Absolut vodka claims ignorance over such details --- apologizing nevertheless. Here's a link to the Fox story.

I'll drink to that.