Your fellow diners could soon be packing heat, if Georgia lawmakers have their way. The state senate okayed a bill that would allow folks to carry weapons in restaurants. You can read the story by clicking here.

Now let's think this through, my friends. You're taking the family out to the local Waffle House for a round of scattered, smothered and covered -- when suddenly a ruckus ensues. It seems a burly trucker-type wanted his eggs sunny-side up. One thing leads to another -- and before you know it -- the trucker pulls out his gun, the waitress pulls out her's -- and we're about two waffles shy of a Pulp Fiction sequel.

Georgia lawmakers have been known to be a sensible bunch -- that's why they included a caveat -- you can carry your gun in a restaurant so long as you don't drink. Well, where's the fun in that?

But it gets better, folks. Lawmakers also signed off on a plan to let Atlanta subway riders pack heat. You never know when you might have to pop a cap in somebody's rear end during rush hour.

Seriously, though, I've ridden Atlanta's subway system and hauling around a Glock would just level the playing field.

And then there is the town of Kennesaw, Georgia. They made headlines a few years back by requiring all of their residents to bear arms.

To my friends in the Peach State -- hunker down and keep your powder dry.