Here's the latest dispatch from the front lines of the Culture War:

A Wisconsin teenager was punished at hish public high school for creating an art project that included a cross and a Bible verse. Tomah High School has a policy that bans any art that includes violence, sex or (ahem) religious symbolism.

Now the boy, who has not been identified, is suing the school district. It seems other students were allowed to draw demonic images and, according to the lawsuit, the art teacher is a passionate follower of Hinduism. But any Christian artwork is specifically outlawed.

The Alliance Defense Fund is a Christian legal advocacy group and they are representing the kid --- claiming this is an outright case of religious discrimination --- specificially against a Christian.

So what did the student do that was so outrageous? Well, he drew a landscape that featured a cross. Then he added the words "John 3:16 A sign of peace." That was it. Enough to garner a failing grade.

And when he was shown a document that indicated he signed away his constitutional rights at the start of the school year, the boy tore up the document. That earned him a few days in detention.

According to the Associated Press, the school district has not commented.

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