Saint's be praised! It's nothing short of a miracle on this St. Patrick's Day.

Two Virginia sisters discover a treasure trove in their corn flakes. It seems one of the flakes is shaped like the state of Illinois.

Sorry for the buildup --- it's not like they found the Virgin Mary in their Fruity Pebbles -- but it's still a pretty cool story.

Melissa and Amy McIntire tell the Associated Press they almost ate the state -- but stopped short. Now the Land of Lincoln is wrapped their corny find in cotton and stored it in a jewelry box for safe keeping.

And they've also decided to put the corn flake up for sale on eBay. Apparently, they've hit a niche market. Bidding is now at more than $1,300. Go figure.

They say they will invest their earnings in more cereal. Who know's --- they might just come up with the state of Indiana or Missouri -- or maybe Tennessee. Now that's a fine corn-fed state.

If you feel led to place a bid on The Great Illinois Corn Flake, click here. I'm going to take a pass. I'm more of a Fruit Loops kind of guy.