From the great state of Connecticut, another example of why parents are pulling their kids out of public schools.

Michael Sheridan was publicly shamed, stripped of his elected position, and yanked from an honor's dinner.

But Michael is no Elliot Spitzer.

Michael is an eighth grader in New Haven, Conn. His crime? He was caught with a bag of Skittles.
Michael was nabbed red-handed as he was handing over cash to a candy pusher. Both were hauled to the principal's office. It seems that Skittles violate the school's ban on candy. It's all part of their mandate to force kids to live healthy lives.

In his defense, Michael tells the Associated Press that he didn't realize his candy purchase was against the rules. He did notice that they candy pusher was being secretive. I suppose the dark glasses and fake mustache were a dead give-away.

The school didn't buy the innocent routine. Michael was suspended from school, stripped of his title as a class vice-president and was banned from an honors dinner.

Now the school is doing an about-face. They've apologized to Michael and have expunged any record of the so-called candy caper. His treatment coming under intense scrutiny.

Michael is glad the ordeal is over. The vice president's administration almost toppled by a bag of Skittles. Of course, Governor Spitzer's was done in allegedly by Ho-Ho's.