The folks in Oxford, Mississippi were in high cotton the other day. Shepherd Smith was broadcasting live from the town square. He's a big time celebrity in the Magnolia State and the locals sure were glad to see him.

Several hundred townsfolk showed up wearing their Sunday best and gathered in front of William Faulkner's statue to watch the proceedings.

Aside from a few babies letting their mommas know it was feeding time, everyone was on their best behavior. The good people of Oxford were determined to put on a good show for the nation. I mean, it's not every day your town gets top billing on Fox News Channel.

Honestly, I've never seen such a well-behaved crowd. Normally, you've got a few crack pots hell-bent on stripping down to their boxers and acting foolish. But the folks here could very well have been attending a Sunday morning church service --- until the dog fight.

Some things are simply out of the Chamber of Commerce's control. We were about midway through the seven o'clock hour when we had ourselves an honest-to-goodness dog fight right in the middle of the square.

Apparently a pair of Metrosexual designer dogs got a bit snippy with a good ol' boy's hound dog. I've never heard so much barking and howling and growling in all my days. Michael Vick would've been in hog heaven.

The dogs were going at it --- and folks were doing what the could to stifle their giggles. I've gotta say -- it was pretty darned funny. I was standing next to one sweet elderly southern lady and she was not so trhilled with the unseemly goings-on.

She buried her head in her hands, thoroughly embarrassed. "Sweet Jesus," she said, "Only in Oxford."

Indeed, only in Oxford --- a fine southern town.