On Primary Night there's not a whole lot of time to do frivilous things --- go to the bathroom, eat food, breathe. So you can imagine our surprise when one of the fine restaurants in Oxford catered supper for the Fox crew.

Mississippi is known for catfish and hushpuppies and they fried up a mess of fish for us --- along with ribs! They know a thing or two about hospitality in this neck of the woods.

Sweet mercy, was it good!

Up north, the restaurants serve catfish blackened or grilled or dressed up in mushrooms or some sort of fungus. Friends, that's just wrong. If it's not dipped in buttermilk and dredged in corn meal, it's not catfish. And that's a fact.

Well, we've got alot of folks from New York City working at Fox and for a good many of them -- it was their first time down in Dixie. Our ways are unknown to them --- and frankly -- might seem a bit strange.

I was especially intrigued to find one of my colleagues staring at a pile of fried balls of cornmeal --- it's what we call a hushpuppy. Folks, brace yourself. This poor fellow tried to eat his hushpuppy with a fork! Sweet mercy!

Now the good folks in Oxford are refined and would never think about correcting such a culinary faux paux. But up the road in Coldwater, they might cut you -- and then take your hushpuppies.