A California appealate court has ruled that homeschooling is illegal --- unless one of the parents is a certified teacher. This is a hard core ruling. Parents who refuse to comply could wind up in jail or possibly lose custody of their children. there are more than 166,000 homeschoolers in California. Parents are required to enroll their kids in a public or private school. According to the Court of Appeal, any family who does not comply faces possible fines or criminal charges.

As you might imagine, this ruling has created quite a stir among the nation's homeschoolers.

The scope of this decision by the appellate court is breathtaking," said Brad Dacus, president of the Pacific Justice Institute, in a statement. "It not only attacks traditional home-schooling, but also calls into question home-schooling through charter schools and teaching children at home via independent study through public and private schools."

James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, also weighed in:

The court is guilty of an imperious assault on the rights of parents. How dare these judges have the audacity to label tens of thousands of parents as criminals - the equivalent to drug dealers or pick-pockets - because they want to raise and educate their children according to their deeply held values?"

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger called the ruling outrageous and vowed to introduce a bill that would protect a parent's right to educate their child.

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