I hopped onto the "A" train this morning bound for another day at the Fox News Corner of the World. My commute from the Bronx takes about an hour or so and it gives me plenty of time to read the morning newspapers, while I bounce up and down and sideways inside the subway car.

Of particular interest today was an article that appeared in the style section of The New York Times -- our beloved nation's so-called paper of record.

The story was about man-purses. Accompanying the story were seven photographs of guys posing in various and sundry positions sashaying around with their purses. Fashion designers call them man-bags, but judging from the photos -- the only things missing from the male models are lipstick and a compact.

We owe this new metrosexual fashion trend to the French. I'm not terribly surprised. Man purses are apparently becoming just as popular as hats. The Times hailed the purses as the next best thing in high fashion. "Aggressive statement," is how they described one such bag -- made by Yves Saint Laurent. I had no idea --- they canonized purse designers.

I'm a Wal-Mart guy. And when I need dress up clothes, I'll head over to Target. Can you imagine the reaction a guy would get walking into the Talladega, Alabama Wal-Mart inquiring about man-purses?
Folks, I'm just not too sure I'd feel all that comfortable accessorizing. The way I see it --- if you can't fill all your stuff in a wallet, you've got too much stuff.

It was somewhere between 125th Street and Columbus Circle that I had something of an ephiphany. I've discovered the difference between American men and Frenchmen. American men haul their stuff around in pickup trucks. The French carry purses.

That could very well explain why they were unable to defend their women and their country during the Great War. No offense to France, but it's sort of hard to fight the enemy with a purse dangling from your shoulder.

I decided to bounce the idea around the newsroom. Most of the guys here agree --- girly man-purses just aren't all that cool.

Kevin the tape editor hails from Williamsburg, a sort of chic, edgy, hipster enclave in Brooklyn. He has a man-purse --- but his mom bought it for him. And while he certainly considers himself a guy's guy, Kevin said that he would not rule out purchasing a man bag. He says he would not be caught dead carrying a purse. And friends, that's my point.

I suppose there is a distinction between a man purse and a man bag. And if your mom or girlfriend buys you one --- you're obligated to haul it around.

I'm sure France is a nice place, but we must draw a line in the sand.

We will be glad to take French Fries and French Toast --- but I'll take a pass on the man purse.