It's Day Two of the Arnold Sports Festival and I decided to enter one of the competitions. Since I do not own hot oil or a skimpy bathing suit, I decided to skip the bodybuilding contest. However, Arnold's Pump and Run was right up my alley.

Literally, on a whim, I decided to buy some shorts, grab a t-shirt and run the 5k race through the downtown Columbus Arena District.

I crossed over the finish line in just over 33 minutes -- which wasn't all that bad considering the cold weather and the fact I haven't run outside in about a week.

Today is the Martial Arts Festival and I'll be blogging tonight about someone who is trying to earn a gold medal. There are lots of people walking around who can hurt me so I want to choose my words wisely. But the only thing missing from this place is Mr. Miyagi. For the youngsters out there -- he's the wise old man in the Karate Kid movie who taught Daniel LaRusso that, "Man who catch fly with chopstick accomplish anything." I loved that movie.

Nevertheless my time here in the land of bulging muscles and popping veins is coming to a close. Soon, I shall leave the powerlifters and return to politics.

Coming later today --- my one on one interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger.