I'm blogging today live from the Arnold Sports Festival in downtown Columbus, Ohio. This is a pretty big deal. There are more than 100,000 people here watching 17,000 athletes compete in 37 events --- ranging from archery and fencing to some of the most prestigious bodybuilding events in the world!

Folks, I've never seen so many fantastically large people in my life! It was purely coincidental that I'm here. I'm supposed to be covering Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. But let's be honest --- given the choice --- who wouldn't want to be covering the incredible hulks?

Speaking of incredible hulks --- both Arnold and the original Incredible Hulk are in the building.

And the women --- sweet mercy! They don't grow 'em this large down South. I would like to set the record straight. I felt it necessary in my official capacity as a Fox News Radio correspondent to have myself photographed with several of these ladies. You might be surprised to know that all of them are church-going girls. So please don't put me on your Sunday School prayer list. I have't violated any commandments --- yet.

The crowd here at the bodybuilding expo -- a unique bunch of folks. I ordered a bowl of fruit loops for breakfast at the local diner. My waiter asked if I wanted some steroids sprinkled on top. He was kidding --- I think.

And just a few moments ago I thought I heard someone paging Roger Clemens --- my bad.

The guys are huge -- massive -- enormous --- and in some cases really, really big. Would you believe I saw a guy dead lift more than 1,000 pounds? Instead of weights, he was using truck tires!

What a country!

More coming later today --- along with new photos!