Take several hundred college kids, a foos-ball table, popcorn and a Democratic presidential debate and you've got the makings of one heck of a party. I was wandering around the filing center when a couple of kids invited me over to Fenn Hall for a Student Debate Watch Party.

I had a few minutes to kill, so I took them up on the offer. We bundled up, trudged five blocks in a blowing snow storm and made our way into the dorm. It was one heck of a party -- lots of balloons, hotdogs and plenty of politicking. I might add there were a few couples isolated in darkened corners and it appeared they were involved in some pre-debate "caucusing." Oh those crazy college kids!
The party was sponsored by student life at Cleveland State University and they did one heck of a job. The idea is to involve kids in the politicial process --- even if it takes a pool table.