Laura Todd has a message for Uncle Sam: "I'm not dead, yet."

Laura is embroiled in a real-life Monty Python skit. The federal government is convinced the Nashville, Tenn. woman is dead --- when in fact --- she is alive and kicking.

It all started about eight years ago when her Social Security number was somehow attached to a really dead woman Florida.

Laura says being dead isn't all it's cracked up to be.

For starters, her health insurance was cancelled. Then, the IRS rejected her tax returns. And when she tried to refinance her house --- it came back denied. Her credit report indicated she had been dispatched to the hereafter.

The final kick in the pants came when her bank cancelled Laura's credit card. Although, they did send a lovely condolence card to her family.

Well, fortunately, Laura received word from the Internal Revenue Service that they fixed the problem and brought her back to life --- until last week. That's when her most recent electronic tax return was rejected.

Laura is dead again.

It turns out she may not be alone. A government audit determined that more than 23,000 Americans have been resurrected over the past two years. Laura Todd hopes to be one of them --- that might be asking for one heck of a miracle!