Somebody call the Centers for Disease Control! There's been a flu outbreak at the American Idol housing compound! This could very well pose a threat to national security --- and especially Ryan Seacrest. Poor Ryan, having to get up close and personal with some highly contagious contestants. And Ryan, buddy --- what's up with the shoe hang up? Hmmm.

The flu bug seemed to take its toll on some of the ladies --- a good number were coughing up more than foul notes. I must say the all looked amazingly hot --- or maybe they were just feverish.

Here's to a speedy recovery, ladies. In the meantime, grab some hand sanitizer, a bottle of Pepto and check out my top 12 list -- with props to my Aunt Lynn from Coldwater, Mississippi. She's providing commentary on Thursday's blog.

1. Amanda Overmyer. She's our resident biker chick nurse --- the American Idol contestant most likely to cut you in a knife fight and then stitch you up. Nurse Amanda knows how to rock and she blew our socks off! And her jeans --- they rocked, too.

2. Ramiele Malubay. She may be old fashioned, but she sure can belt out a tune!

3. Asia'h Epperson. She's our feel good story of American Idol and she brought her A-game tonight. Excellent job, Asia'h. Your daddy would be proud.

4. Alexandrea Lushington. Blood, sweat and tears. It worked!

5. Alaina Whitaker. She's our youngest American Idol contestant and based on her performance tonight, she should have a happy birthday on Thursday.

6. Brooke White. She calls herself the nice nanny. And she also has a pretty decent voice. Simon said she's just too darned nice and vows to bring her over to the dark side. My Aunt Lynn from Coldwater, Mississippi calls her Little Miss Sunshine Detergent. By the way, is it me or does Brooke bear a striking resemblance to Garrett Haley?

7. Syesha Mercado. Yo, dog. Yeah. it was decent.

8. Carly Smithson. So, let me get this straight -- you've already had a record deal? Funny. I thought this was a contest for amatuers.

9. Kady Malloy. Sorry, dear. We just failed to see that groovy kind of love.

10. Kristy Lee Cook. She sold her horse to get on American Idol. I hope she made enough to cover the cab fare back to Oregon.

11. Amy Davis. Quick --- get the Pepto!

12. Joanne Borgella. She seranaded us with "Say a Little Prayer for You." Perhaps she should have said a little prayer for those of us who had to listen to her performance.

On Thursday night, we say goodbye to four.