I can’t keep it inside anymore. Although I have talked about it on the air before from time to time, I have felt a burning need to write it down on paper. An answer to the mantra of the day: “We can’t deport 12 million illegal aliens!”

Ok. Let’s look at this closely and with a little common sense. No one has ever seriously suggested deporting 12 million people in one shot. It IS a virtual impossibility. But does that mean you don’t deport SOME of the 12 million? Does it mean you don’t deport ANY?

Would we use this argument for any other group or entity in our society?

Do we argue that since we can’t catch every child molester in America, that we shouldn’t catch SOME? As many as we can?

We can’t catch everyone who runs a red light. But we certainly can have the police pull over every driver they catch doing it. It will certainly be a number eclipsed by the TOTAL number of culprits, but it is better than NOTHING.

We can’t help EVERY poor person in America, so let’s not help ANY?

We can’t bring EVERY troop home from Iraq, so why bring back ANY?

You could substitute just about anything for ILLEGAL ALIEN and see my point made clearly. From tax evaders to drunk drivers, from spousal abusers to murderers, no one EVER makes the argument that since you can’t catch all of them, you shouldn’t TRY to catch any at all.

So why do we do this with illegal aliens? Because we have all been hoodwinked. We have been made to believe that if we actually enforce our current border laws that we are committing unspeakable acts against humanity. We must be a compassionate people! Is it not compassionate to take care of our OWN people before criminal aliens who broke into our country? It is compassionate to ask the American taxpayer to carry the weight of millions of foreign dependents who leach off our system?

This week Federal authorities arrested 100 suspected illegal aliens at a poultry plant in Missouri. Yes, that is a very tiny number compared to the 12 million still running around free. But is it not better to catch 100 than NONE? And maybe if the 100 were made an example of, the countless millions may reevaluate their situation. If we don’t make them feel protected by the fact that they can hide behind our unenforced laws and we make them feel vulnerable, as they SHOULD, then maybe we stand a chance of reclaiming our very Nation.

While we are at it, we should stop trying to catch corporate swindlers and polluters. Sure they are fleecing the American people and ruining the environment. But hey! We can’t catch them all! It’s UNREALISTIC and UNFAIR! So let’s save some money and quit looking for them. Do you like that reasoning?

I didn’t think so.

Maybe the I.C.E. should take a lesson from the I.R.S.—they KNOW they won’t catch every scofflaw in America. But it sure doesn’t stop them from trying. Why is it ok to go after Americans for suspicion that they haven’t paid their taxes but it’s not ok to go after NON-Americans for suspicion they aren’t here LEGALLY?

The System makes no sense. Or maybe I make too much sense. It’s hard to say which is which sometimes.