Another race for the history books. It was an absolutely amazing day to run in Central Park. This weekend's four miler benefits lung cancer research.

And for the first time --- the Toddles fan club was out in force --- Cousin Jen bravely cheered me on as I crossed the finish line. Bravely -- because she's recouperating from knee surgery --- and is quite agile on the crutches.

Well, it's a celebration of sorts because I ran my fastest time and thankfully am now under an 11 minute pace mile. Eventually, I hope to run a 7-8 minute mile. We'll see how that goes. A really nice weekend, though.
Michael came up from Nashville and on Friday, we took Sarah and Jen to RUB, the most wonderful barbecue joints in the Big Apple. RUB, an acroynm for Righteous Urban Barbecue, where they've got the best butts in town. Don't ask.

To my surprise, Jen has never had honest-to-goodness barbecue. In her defense, she is from south Jersey where barbecue comes in two categories --- hamburgers and hot dogs.
So I felt it my duty as a southerner to educate my dear cousin on the finer aspects of eating a pig. And she passed with flying colors.
Well, photos are posted and you can check out the New York Road Runners website for my official times.

Until Wednesday, keep your biscuits buttered and your barbecue sauce tangy.