What a weekend in Atlanta! The entire family gathering from the Carolinas to Seattle, celebrating my grandmother's 90th birthday. Dining at the swanky Ray's on Killer Creek, where we feted Grandmother Starnes with hilarous outtakes on her life thus far.

I believe Great Uncle Chico wins top honors with his story about fishing for loose change on the couch during my grandparent's courting years.

Also in attendance, the surviving Bolin Brothers --- Gene, Chico, Bunny and Louie. A bit of history --- our family is proud to have war heroes among our brood. Chico was wounded at Iwo Jima --- where he was also photographed by famed AP photographer Joe Rosenthal. Bunny was a co-pilot on the Lazy Baby. All of 19 years old, he was shot down during a bombing raid. He was captured and became a POW for 19 months.

Church at First Baptist Atlanta, the Sanders Family Christmas at the Theatre on the Square, and teaching the cousins how to play poker --- not a bad weekend at all!