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Todd’s Veterans Day Commentary

Todd Starnes writes and records three news and commentary pieces every day for Fox News Radio affiliates across the country. Today, we invite you to listen to his salute to our veterans. This is Todd Starnes – Fox News & Commentary.

Click here to listen to Todd’s Commentary.

Following is a transcript of Todd’s Veterans Day commentary:

Todd Love is a third-generation Marine.

He signed up for the Corps right out of high school,

Leaving his home in Acworth, Georgia to join the fight in Afghanistan.

He was on foot patrol that morning — the point man —

When an improvised explosive device tore through Todd’s body.

He was 20-years-old.

Lost both his legs and an arm.

But like dad said — his boy was still alive.

Todd came back home to Georgia  to a hero’s welcome.

Hundreds lined the motorcade.

Little League players covered their hearts with their ball caps.

Girls waved American flags.

Boy Scouts stood at attention

As they honored this native son who left a boy – and came home a man.

Today – we honor our veterans.

Men and women who stand in our stead,

Willing to shed their blood for a nation – and for each other.

We are the Land of the Free, the Home of the Brave

All because of Americans like Marine Corporal Todd Love.

To read more about Marine Corporal Love, visit the Marietta Daily Journal.