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Anthony Bourdain is a Moron

Todd defends the honor of Paula Deen — the Queen of Southern Cooking — in his daily Fox News & Commentary. Following is a transcript:

Anthony Bourdain is a food snob. And he also hates Paula Deen. Just after the Queen of Southern Cooking announced she has type two diabetes, Mr. Bourdain took to twitter calling her a diabetic scam artist – is how TMZ.com summed up his attack.

What food snobs like Mr. Bourdain seem to overlook is that Miss Paula always tells folks to eat that kind of food in moderation.

Something Mr. Bourdain ought to consider the next time he’s at a bar. But it’s not the first time he’s gone after Miss Paula.

He once called her the most dangerous woman in America used filthy language to describe her chicken and biscuits.

I’m surprised her husband hasn’t taken a cast iron skillet to Mr. Bourdain, but the Deen’s are well-mannered southern folks.

As for Mr. Bourdain what can you say about a guy who once ate the unwashed rectum of a warthog.