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Wounded Warrior Project Denies Tossing Religious Cards

By Todd Starnes

Two former Wounded Warrior Project volunteers said they were told to discard donation cards that mentioned God, Jesus or anything religious, an accusation the charity denies.


“That’s kind of ridiculous actually,” a spokesperson for the organization told Fox News. “We get thousands of cards. We certainly don’t throw anything out.”

Eileen Kosoy told Fox News she was a volunteer at the Wounded Warrior Project headquarters in Jacksonville, Fla. On her first day she was given instructions about sorting cards written to soldiers.

‘We were given a sheet to look for anything political,” she said. “If anybody put their personal information, that got discarded – as well as anyone that mentioned anything religious.”

She said there was one letter written by a nun that especially moved her.

“It contained beautiful, heartfelt encouragement, it was extremely uplifting,” she said. “When I got to tend of the card, the signature was from a nun and she wrote, ‘May God bless you and keep you.’”

“It broke my heart to trash that note,” she said.

Kosoy said she raised concerns to Wounded Warrior Project workers.

“This was extremely upsetting to me as a Christian,” she said. “I told my husband that I could not, in good conscience return to be a part of something like that.”

Another volunteer, who asked not to be identified, said she experienced a similar incident. The volunteer, who is a retired member of the military, said

“One of the things they don’t want to see on the cards is God, Jesus, anything that has to do with religion,” the volunteer told Fox News. “We were told verbally and in writing.”

She said the discarded cards were packed into boxes.

“We never actually saw what happened to them,” she said.

The WWP spokesperson stressed that no cards with religious wording had ever been thrown away.

“People take the time to send us those cards for our warriors and we take that very seriously,” the spokesperson said.

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