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Who Will Defend the Boy Scouts’ Honor?

By Todd Starnes

The following is a transcript of Todd’s daily commentary — heard on more than 250 radio stations around the nation.

Leaders of the Boy Scouts are meeting in Dallas today.

They are considering lifting a longtime ban on gay members and leaders.

The Scouts have been under fierce attack from militant gays and Democrats.

President Obama used an interview on Super Bowl Sunday to affirm his belief that the Scouts should welcome homosexuals.

With all due respect, Mr. President, what business is it of yours what the Boy Scouts do?

Who the Scouts choose to accept is their business, not the federal government’s.

Will President Obama demand the Congressional Black Caucus admit non-blacks?

Will President Obama order GLAAD to accept heterosexual leaders?

A group of 42 religious groups took out an ad in USA today urging the Boy Scouts to stand firm for timeless values.

To compromise moral principles under political pressure, they said, would teach boys cowardice — not courage.

I’m Todd Starnes