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White House “Holiday” Card Spotlights Dog, Not Christmas

The 2012 White House “Holiday” card spotlights the Obama’s family Portuguese water dog — instead of Christmas.
The black and white illustration was designed by Iowa artist Larassa Kabel and shows Bo the dog, wearing a scarf, while  frolicking in the snow on the South Lawn of a blurred White House.
The inside of the card reportedly reads, “This season, may your home be filled with family, friends, and the joy of the holidays.” The card is signed by the entire First Family — along with Bo’s paw print.
Vanity Fair deemed this year’s Obama ‘Holiday’ card his best-ever in a posting titled, “Bo Obama: the True Meaning of Christmas.”
The 2012 card made no mention of any specific holiday nor did it include a Bible verse noting the birth of Christ.
The Obama family dog also plays a prominent role in yuletide decorations around 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
The Daily Mail reports that Bo is featured in nearly every room of the White House — from miniature licorice and marshmallow versions of the canine — to a nearly life-side replica of the dog. A statue of Bo made of marzipan sits outside the massive gingerbread replica of the White House.

Courtesy of White House

White House Christmas trees are decorated with ornaments made in the dog’s likeness — and the newspaper reported that holiday visitors will receive a Bo bookmark that leads them on a scavenger hunt to find Bo-themed decorations throughout the building.
Last year’s card also featured Bo — and made no mention of the word ‘Christmas.’ The front of last year’s card showed the dog lounging by a fireplace surrounded by holiday greenery. Presents were placed on a table underneath a poinsettia – instead of a Christmas tree.
President Obama’s”holiday” cards have been the subject of controversy in the past.  His 2009 greeting card made no reference to Christmas, drawing the ire of Republican Congressman Henry Brown.
 “I believe that sending a Christmas card without referencing a holiday and its purpose limits the Christmas celebration in favor of a more ‘politically correct’ holiday,” the South Carolina congressman told Fox News Radio in 2009.
Former President Bush did not mention Merry Christmas in his cards, but had a history of including Bible passages on the White House Christmas Cards.
For his final Christmas in office, the president sent a greeting card that included a verse from the Gospel of Matthew.
 “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven,” the card read.
But that was back in the day when Jesus was the reason for the season – not a Portuguese Water dog.