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U.S. Airways Refuses to Give Terminal Cancer Patient Refund

By Todd Starnes

U.S. Airways said they are standing by their decision not to refund money for tickets purchased by a woman diagnosed with terminal breast cancer.

Lynn McKain and her family had purchased five round-trip tickets earlier this year to Belize. The dream trip was booked after she had been cleared of breast cancer. However, she was recently diagnosed with stage four breast cancer and her doctor ordered her not to travel, according to a report on WUSA.


When the McKain family asked for a refund on their $4,200 tickets, the airline refused, explaining that the tickets were nonrefundable.

“We are so sorry to hear about the situation with Mrs. McKain and we empathize with her,” U.S. Airways spokesperson Liz Landau told Fox News & Commentary.

WUSA reported that McKain provided letters and medical documentation to the airline proving that she was not able to travel, but so far – the airline has refused to budge. 

Outrage is growing online. A blogger at The Right Sphere called the airline’s decision “cold, heartless and just plain mean.”

“If this is the kind of company U.S. Airways chooses to be, I assure you I will never fly with them again,” wrote one blogger.

Landau said the airline agreed to waive change fees as well as offer the family vouchers for future flights.

“We’re trying to be flexible and offer her and her family some accommodations,” Landau told Fox.

“Big deal – I may not be alive,” McKain told WUSA. “What good is a voucher gonna do me?”

Landau explained that the vouchers “can be used by anyone in her family.”

She also offered a word of caution to all travelers.

“As with purchasing anything, it’s important to understand the terms and conditions of the tickets you purchase,” Landau said.

So the bottom line for the McKain family – no refund.