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Todd Gets a Facebook Warning

Apparently, I’ve run afoul of Facebook’s Standards Police.

This morning I received a warning from the social networking site — informing me that one of my posts had been deemed offensive — and violated their standards.

Facebook expressed their extreme displeasure in my critique of that horrendous “Salute to Socialism” at last night’s Opening Ceremony.

I’ve either offended hobbits, the overweight kid from “Lord of the Flies”, or a member of an ObamaCare Death Panel.

I’m surprised they didn’t flag me for my Paul McCartney observations — specifically the one about Queen Elizabeth dispatching him to the Tower of London should he sing a 10th verse of “Hey Jude.”

Here’s the “offensive” post in its entirety:

“Watching the Opening Ceremony from the London Olympics – it featured a significant salute to socialized medicine — complete with doctors and nurses from the 1800s.

Take a good look, America – socialized medicine will take us back to the 19th century. 

This is a very odd Opening Ceremony. 

So far there have been no appearances by Killer Rabbits, Shrubbery, Hobbits or the fat kid from Lord of the Flies.

I think the Brits should have outsourced the Opening Ceremony to the Chinese…”

Offensive — well that’s subjective. But between you and me — Sir Paul was a little pitchy.

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