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Textbook Teaches 5-year-olds How to Achieve Orgasm

By Todd Starnes

Parents in a German school district are furious after educators gave children a sex education book that teaches students as young as five-years-old have to achieve orgasm.


The book, “Where Do You Come From” features explicit cartoon depictions of sex, including images of two characters putting on a condom and another of the couple have sex.

“Sex education should accompany the development of children, but not speed it up,” lawmaker Dorothee Baer told local media.

The book is aimed at children as young as 5-years old and includes a portion that encourages orgasm.

“When it’s so good that it can’t get any better, Lisa and Lars have an orgasm,” the book reads. “And the vagina and penis feel nice and tingly and warm.”

Spiegel Online reported that the Berlin school district responded to parental complaints by not making the book easily accessible to students.

The Daily Mail reports that the controversy comes as British educators have been encouraged to introduce pornography in the classroom. Teachers have been instructed to explain that pornography is “not all that bad.”

Norman Wells, of The Family Education Trust, told The Daily Mail that it appears to be a case of the government steering children away from moral absolutes.

“Many parents will be horrified at the prospect of their children being taught about pornography within such a framework,” he told the newspaper. “To take a no-holds barred approach to sex education has the potential to break down pupils’ natural sense of reserve and to encourage casual attitudes towards sex.”