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Taxpayer Funded Video Teaches Kids Graphic Sex Lingo

By Todd Starnes/TWITTER

A New York lawmaker is demanding that state health workers remove a taxpayer-funded video series that promotes “raw-dogging” and other graphic sexual activities to teenagers as young as 13-years-old.


“More Than Just Sex” is a four-part video web series created by the Dept. of Health through the non-profit Community Health Network. The agency received more than $500,000 to teach high school-aged students about the dangers of unprotected sex.

The graphic videos feature young actors talking about sex while using street lingo – including words like “raw dogging” – having sex without wearing a condom.

“This video is raunchy,” State. Sen. Martin Golden told Fox News & Commentary. “It’s wrong, it’s shameful and they shouldn’t be doing it.”

Golden, a Republican from Bay Ridge, is furious that tax dollars were used to film the videos.

“A half million dollars – that’s what this video cost us,” he said. “No wonder we’re spending so much in education. We’re spending it inappropriately.”

A Dept. of Health official defended the videos and the content to the New York Daily News. They said the material was not “obscene” or “x-rated.”

Michelle Perlman, a spokesperson for the Community Health Network, told the newspaper that they wanted the videos to be realistic.

“We wanted to have an impact, that was going to be quick and easy,” she told the Daily News. “We want people to be like ‘whoa’.”

According to Golden – their mission was accomplished.

“I have a 13-year-old son and I definitely don’t want my son to see this racy video,” he said. “My staff looked at it and they didn’t want their children to see it. My community is outraged.”

Golden said the videos portray unprotected sex as “so good, so juicy.”

“Somebody asked me if I saw the other three videos, but after seeing the first one I didn’t want to look at the others,” he said. “If you watch this, you will be alarmed.”

Golden wants them to take down the videos and make them age-appropriate. If they don’t, he fears young people will be more inclined to jump into the sack.

“We’re spending a ton of money on education and we are 39th in graduation rates,” he said. ‘We should be teaching reading, writing, mathematics and science.”

The Importance of Condoms! from MORE THAN JUST SEX on Vimeo.