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Survey: Christmas is About Jesus, Not Santa

By Todd Starnes

An overwhelming majority of Americans believe that Christmas should be more about Jesus and less about Santa Claus, according to a Rasmussen Reports national survey.


76 percent of those surveyed believe the emphasis of the yuletide season should be on the baby born in a manger.

Only 14 percent thought the holiday should be more about Santa Claus. Ten percent said they were not sure.

The religious part of Christmas has come under attack in recent years from atheists, academics and activist courts – ruling that Nativity scenes, Christmas carols and in some cases even the words “Merry Christmas” are not appropriate in public settings.

Robert Jeffress, a noted author and pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas said the Rasmussen survey comes at a welcome time.

“It proves that despite all of their bravado and bluster, secularists have miserably failed in turning Christmas into simply a winter holiday in the minds of most Americans,” Jeffress told Fox News. “Even the most hardened atheist or secularist has to concede that the entire world still marks its calendar by the most important event in history—the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem.”

The mega-church pastor said the survey should also serve as a warning to judges attempting to banish the religious symbols of the holiday.

“Judges who are attempting to strip Christmas celebrations of any religious expressions should carefully consider this poll and realize how out of step they are with the vast majority of American citizens,” Jeffress said.

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