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Students Suspended For Hugging

By Darlene Hill – FOX Chicago News

Waukegan, Ill. – A Waukegan teenager has returned to class Tuesday, after he and his girlfriend were suspended for one day for hugging.

Kevin Taylor says he gave his girlfriend a simple hug in between classes at St. Martin De Porres High School in Waukegan.


Taylor says, “I would hold her waist… or sometimes my hands were just resting on her shoulders.”

Taylor says it was a hug that only lasted a couple of seconds, but school offiicals said that’s not what their students should be learning or doing at school.

The school’s president told Fox Chicago News the school has a safe and healthy environment for students to learn and it wants to keep it that way.

Taylor, a junior, admits that he and his freshman girlfriend were warned –in writing—about “multiple displays of affection”—including “kissing” and “full frontal hugs”.

But Taylor says his catholic school’s “PDA” policy is outdated.

The school’s handbook, that each student is given, states that St. Martin, among other things, will “not” tolerate verbal abuse, inappropriate displays of affection and distasteful language.

Taylor and his mother say “PDA” should be defined.

Taylor says he hasn’t seen his girlfriend since their suspensions. They will be back in school Wednesday, and he says he’ll welcome her with a big hug.