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Student Reprimanded for Questioning Obama Volunteers

By Todd Starnes

A student at an Orlando area high school was reprimanded by a teacher after he raised questions about Obama campaign volunteers who were recruiting students in his Advanced Placement history class, according to the 16-year-old’s father.


The incident allegedly occurred at Wekiva High School in Orange County, Fla. A parent told Fox News that volunteers for the Obama campaign were invited to make a presentation to students in multiple classes at the school. A week later, another campaign staffer visited a class and told the students to tell their parents to “vote for Obama.”

The students were also given applications to join the “Obama Organizing Fellowship” – a 12-week program connected to the Florida Democratic party.

According to Orange County School policy, personal appearances by candidates or their advocates are not allowed – “unless part of an approved course of study and presented in a responsible manner, and unless equal opportunity is afford to all candidates in a particular race and representatives of both sides of an issue.”

School policy also  prohibits the “distribution of campaign material, including cards, brochures and other materials defined by law as political advertising to students or other employees.”

A spokesperson for the school district disputed the parent’s account of what happened. The spokesperson said a former graduate of the school was invited to speak to students about the importance of volunteering – not voting for President Obama.

After her remarks, the speaker laid down a card and a sign-up for Organizing For America. The spokesperson said it happened as the class was being dismissed so it’s unclear how many students signed up.

The district said there was a separate occasion when a former student came to the school and encouraged students to register to vote. The speaker was allowed ten minutes in government classes to speak with students of voting age. The district stressed that the person did not promote any political party

“What concerns me the most is that future generations of Americans are immersed in progressive propaganda for seven hours a day, every day until they graduate college with very few opposing viewpoints being offered as a counter argument,” said a concerned parent who contacted Fox News.

The parent, who asked not to be identified, said his son was the student who raised questions in the AP history class. After they had finished their presentation, the Democrats asked if there were any questions. The boy raised his hand and asked, “Does the name Frank Marshall Davis mean anything to either of you?”

The teacher pulled the student aside and reprimanded him – telling him to never ask a question like that again. The teacher reportedly told the student to immediately leave the classroom.

“I couldn’t believe that he was asked to leave for simply asking a question,” the boy’s father told Fox News. “The campaign workers are adults. Let them answer.”

The parent said his son was not punished beyond being asked to leave the classroom and the teacher made no effort to alert the administration. He decided to speak out in light of allegations that Obama volunteers have been making similar visits to schools across Florida. Click here to read “School Lets Democrats Register Students, But Not Republicans.”

“My son will not stop asking questions because I work very hard to undo the indoctrination to which he is subjected day after day,” the father said. “I arm him with the facts and let him draw his own conclusions.”

The parent said there was something about the Frank Marshall Davis question that seemed to strike a nerve with the teacher.

Paul Kengor, the author of “The Communist,” knows all about Frank Marshall Davis and his connections to President Obama.

“That student asked a totally legitimate question,” Kengor told Fox News. “Barack Obama himself, after all, is the one responsible for bringing Frank Marshall Davis to our attention. He refers to Frank Marshall Davis literally dozens of times in his bestselling memoirs, ‘Dreams from My Father’. Yet never once in the entire book does Obama dare to divulge Davis’s full identity.”

Kengor said Davis was a card-carrying member of the Communist Party and who was a mentor to Obama throughout his adolescence.

“This literal communist had a significant influence on the development of the current leader of America and the free world,” Kengor said. Thus, this student asked a crucial, insightful, informed question – clearly based on his own reading and research.”

Kengor said the student’s question was historically relevant and wondered if he was enrolled in a history course or a course on liberal politics.

“Liberals – including liberal educators – preach open-mindedness, tolerance and diversity, but that’s all a giant ruse,” Kengor said. “In truth, they are only open to and tolerant of views they agree with. It happens all the time: the moment that a student dares to ask a challenging question that a liberal educator doesn’t like, the student is scolded and silenced.”

Kengor said he hopes the school would give Romney volunteers or local Republicans a chance to speak to the classes.

“If not, then this is not education, but liberal indoctrination,” he said.

The parent said his son asked that question. He said the teacher told him that she would have to see if they had time in their class schedule.

“I think the teacher missed a valuable teaching opportunity here,” the parent said. “She could have invited both the Republican and Democratic campaigns in and had them present on what it’s like to work for a political campaign.”

Instead, he said the students got a small seminar on how to endorse and support a single candidate.