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Sheriff Tells Citizens to Buy Guns


A South Carolina sheriff said it’s time for citizens to start carrying concealed weapons as a way to fight back against crime.

“Gun control is not the answer,” Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright told Fox News. “Carry a concealed weapon.”

Wright echoed comments he made at a heated press conference after a local woman was attacked in a park. The alleged assailant was a man who the sheriff said had been convicted at least 20 times.


“The form of justice we have here doesn’t work,” he said. “I’m tired of telling victims, ‘We’re sorry, we can’t keep them in jail.’”

According to local reports, Walter Lance, 46, was arrested for grabbing and attempting to rape a woman in Milliken Park. Lance remains in custody after he was denied bond.

“Sexual predators are not going to be rehabbed,” Wright said. “They need to be put somewhere where they can’t bother our women and our children.”

His answer? Chain gangs and arming the law abiding citizens of his county.

“I’m just a common, average guy that believes we should be able to protect ourselves,” he said. “When we start taking guns away from our citizens, we’re arming the bad guys. Boy, that’s not going to be a pretty sight with society.”

Wright is also pushing South Carolina lawmakers to bring back the chain gang.

“I’m not for the old-style chain gang – that was inhumane,” he said. “I am about making people work for their keep. If you’re going to burden the people of South Carolina then you should be made to work and pull your own weight.”

“The sheriff said his call for people to arm themselves has generated lots of debate. “I’ve been getting calls from all over,” he said. “All of them have been positive.”

He said there is proof that properly trained, law-abiding citizens with guns can actually save lives.

He told the story of a local man who was accosted at his home by two would-be robbers. One was armed with a crowbar. The homeowner was armed with a weapon – which he used to defend himself.

The sheriff said the would-be robber was shot and killed.
“I didn’t have to apologize for a gentleman getting beat to death with a crowbar,” Wright said. “It was unfortunate for the bad guy that got killed – but still – it’s almost like you pump your fist in the air and say, well the good guy finally won one.”