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School Silences “Kids for Christ”


An Oklahoma school district is facing a lawsuit for allegedly forbidding organizers of a Christian club from promoting events on campus.


“This is a simple matter of a school district targeting a Christian organization,” said Matt Sharp, an attorney representing the “Kids for Christ,” a community-led Christian group suing the Owasso Public Schools.

Sharp, an attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund, said the school district revoked the club’s ability to publicize events – at school, in the community and even through the media.

“They have a specific policy on the books that targets religious expression by community organizations,” he told Fox News.

School officials confirmed Monday afternoon they had received the lawsuit – but said they have not had time to review the contents.

Sharp said the club meetings at the local elementary school and is open to students in kindergarten through the fifth grade. Other clubs including the Boy Scouts and YMCA are allowed to promote activities at the school, but the Christian group is not.

“The superintendent said they were religious and couldn’t have the same access as other clubs,” he said.

The club was organized last year and Sharp said the “Kids for Christ” were initially given permission to promote activities through flyers and announcements. But that changed with the new semester.

Their ultimate goal with the lawsuit?

“We want equal access,” he said.