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School Serves Cookies Made in Obama’s Likeness

By Todd Starnes

An elementary school in Norfolk, Va. has been accused of going overboard with its support of President Obama after a third grade class was directed to read a pro-Obama booklet for an assignment and the entire school was served cookies made in the president’s likeness.


“This is simply propaganda,” said one parent, who asked not to be identified. “I know everyone has a right to their opinion, but you just don’t push it on people.”

The concerned mom said her nine-year-old son came home from Granby Elementary School a few weeks ago with a booklet titled, “Barack Obama.”

“He said it was his class work and he had been assigned to read the booklet,” the parent told Fox News.

The family just happened to be strong supporters of Mitt Romney. So when the teacher was distributing the booklets, the child asked if he could read a biography of Romney instead.

“The teacher told him ‘Well, I like Obama so we’re going to do this assignment,’” the mother said. “She told him he had to do the Obama assignment because it was a part of his grade.”

The parent said the booklet came from “Reading A-Z,” an online resource used by teachers across the nation.

“Reading A-Z’s” mission is to “provide affordable, easily accessible, developmentally appropriate teaching and learning solutions to all educators and students who need them.”

But the materials are also lean to the left.

A search of their online library revealed 11 books about President Obama. But there were no books about Republican presidents.

A book titled “First Ladies” only mentioned Democratic First Ladies – including Eleanor Roosevelt, Jacqueline Kennedy and Hillary Clinton. The book also includes a photograph of Michelle Obama.

The parent who reached out to Fox News said she asked her 10-year-old, who attends the same school, if he’d been given an Obama assignment.

“He said that he hadn’t — but that he had been given Obama cookies,” she said.

The Obama cookies were given to all of the students in the cafeteria. A cafeteria worker said the cookies were pre-packaged and made in the image of President Obama.

The parent said she is frustrated with her children attending a “pro-Obama” school.

“I think they’re indoctrinating the kids,” the parent said. “I see a lot of reverse discrimination in this school district.”

A spokesperson for the Norfolk School District said they investigated the parent’s concerns and determined the students did have a reading assignment about President Obama.

“In February, the children will be writing reports about famous Americans,” the spokesperson told Fox News. “However, students are not required to write about Pres. Obama. They will be offered a suggested list of famous Americans, but Pres. Obama is not on that list.”

The parent told Fox News that she’s instructed her children they are no longer allowed to do any more classroom assignments about President Obama.

“And if the teachers have a problem they can come and talk to me,” she said.

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