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School Reverses Course on Christian Song Ban

By Todd Starnes

A California elementary school has decided to allow a kindergartner to perform in an upcoming talent show after the student was initially banned because the song had Christian lyrics.

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Michael Peffer, senior counsel for the Pacific Justice Institute said the unnamed child had wanted to perform “Our God is Mercy” during a May 23 talent show at Salt Creek Elementary School in Chula Vista, Calif.

School officials reportedly turned down the child’s request because the song has Christian lyrics. The child’s mother contacted the Pacific Justice Institute for help.

“This issue exemplifies the ongoing fear from school administrators to allow anything even remotely connected to Christianity in the school,” said PJI president Brad Dacus. “In their attempt to avoid the wrath of anti-religionists, misguided school officials end up inadvertently embracing secularism as the school’s official religion.”

School district spokesman Anthony Millican told Fox News they were still looking into the matter – but they’ve decided to allow the child to sing the song.

“We’re not the ones endorsing it or sanctioning it,” Millican said. “It’s the child’s choice.”

Millican said they are in the process of writing a letter to the family letting them know of the change.

“We are sensitive to religious issues,” he said.

We’ve let the administration to allow the child to sing the song. we don’t see a problem with it. issue is being resolved.

The song, written by Brenton Brown, includes the following lyrics:

The kingdom of our God is near
Lift your eyes, lift your eyes
The hope of heaven’s drawing near
Lift your eyes, lift your eyes

You’re blessed if you’ve been torn apart
You’re blessed if you’ve a broken heart
For hope is waiting at the door
Salvation’s near

Our God is mercy, our God is mercy
If your heart is heavy, if your soul is thirsty
There is a refuge, a home for the lonely
Our God is near, Our God is near
Our God is near, Our God is near

Lift up your eyes, lift up your eyes
Lift up your eyes and sing

Peffer had fired off a letter to the school’s principal urging them to reconsider – citing legal precedent.

“Because such censorship on the basis of a student’s religious beliefs is a violation of his constitutional rights, we write to request that you immediately allow [the student] to perform his song at the upcoming talent show,” he wrote.