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School Lifts Ban on ‘Joy to the World’

By Todd Starnes

Student musicians at a South Carolina charter school will once again be able to play ‘Joy to the World’ after school officials lifted a ban on all religious Christmas music.christmas

Officials at York Preparatory Academy had originally claimed the ban was the result of official communication from either the American Civil Liberties Union or another group.

It turns out a school official had acted on his own – and later reversed the ban after the Alliance Defending Freedom gave him a better understanding of what the First Amendment does and does not allow.

“Schools shouldn’t have to think twice about whether they can allow Christmas carols, including ones with Christian themes that are naturally a part of the holiday,” said Litigation Staff Counsel Rory Gray. “We commend the school for quickly reversing the prohibition on such songs. It’s a shame that the pervasive climate of fear about Christmas that secularist groups have spread over the last several decades led some at the school to think that they had to ‘pre-emptively’ censor Christmas expression.”

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