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School Considers Banning Homemade Treats

School children celebrating birthdays in Easton, Mass. could be blowing out candles on raisins if school officials implement a proposed ban on sugary treats.


Easton Public Schools is considering a new wellness policy guideline that would ban cupcakes, frosted cookies and candy from any classroom celebration. The proposed policy would also forbid parents from sending homemade treats to school.

“We want to get the focus off junk food,” school committee and wellness policy member Lori Han told the Taunton Gazette. “You can celebrate a birthday without a cupcake.”

So instead of cupcakes and ice cream, the school district wants boys and girls to feast on fresh fruit, raisins and crackers.

The Taunton Gazette reports that a list of “safe foods” has been compiled so parents know what they can and cannot send to school.

Food Service Director Penny Spellberg told the newspaper that kids can also expect changes in their daily lunches.

“Our goal is to make our community healthy,” she said.

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In other words – don’t count on too many cheeseburgers.

“The focus (is) on less meat and more fruits and vegetables,” Spellberg told the newspaper. “The healthiest foods to eat are foods from the earth.”

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