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Palin: It’s Not Too Late For Someone to Jump In

By Todd Starnes/TWITTER

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said it’s not too late for someone to enter the Republican presidential race.


“Things can still be shaken up,” Palin told Fox News & Commentary. “Things can change in terms of candidates coming and going.”

Palin said over the weekend that she was not enthusiastic about anyone in the current GOP field.

“I don’t think that the field has to be considered set today – set and locked up,” she said. “Even beyond Iowa I think there is time for more shakeup.”

Palin said in October that she would not seek the GOP nomination.

She told Fox News & Commentary that she has concerns about the current GOP field and what she called their lack of focus on economic issues.

“I don’t feel the candidates grasping that and articulation solutions as to how we can meet the economic challenges in this country,” she said. “That scares me.”

“No one seems to have really grasped, except for Ron Paul, the gravity of our economic situation,” she said. “And with Ron Paul, I don’t agree with all of his foreign policy decisions.”

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich said he agreed with Palin’s assessment.

“I would not be at all surprised to see one or two more candidates between now the end of April,” Gingrich told Fox News & Commentary. “The clock is running but the clock sure hasn’t stopped.”

And while Gingrich declined to name names, he did say that Palin could stir up the race.

“If somebody who had her level of popular support jumped in that would stir it up one more time,” he said.

Palin said she also had concerns about the lack of focus on “values and character” from the GOP field.

“These candidates had better remember that American voters do believe that character counts and do believe that our values in this nation that are based on Judeo-Christian teachings had better be strengthened if we want to be put back on the right road,” Palin said.

“It’s not all about politics,” she added. “It is all about value and character.”

Palin said she wants to candidates to stop “nitpicking at one another” and instead stay focused on the positive.

“I think it’s the candidates’ job to start talking about it again,” she told Fox News & Commentary. “It’s something we want to hear.”