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On This Inauguration Day

By Todd Starnes

This is a transcript adapted from Todd’s early morning commentary — heard on more than 200 radio stations around the nation.

 On this crisp winter day – we the people – will gather as our forefathers have done.

Pomp and circumstance, pageantry and parades on this Inauguration Day.

Preserving as George Washington once said – the sacred fire of liberty.

These are difficult days in our nation.

But for just a moment we set aside our differences and we bear witness to a government by the people and for the people.

Doctors and shopkeepers, home-school moms and carpenters.

Taking our place alongside our fellow countrymen – black and white, Hispanic and Asian.

Declaring to the nations of the world that we are Americans united.

And lest we forget the true Author of our freedom, there stands an obelisk with a declaration for the ages.

Two words etched into the capstone of the Washington Monument.

Laus Deo.

Praise be to God.

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